Luke Alarcon

Considered as an art prodigy, Luke started drawing and painting at a young age when he was five years old. As part of a family of artists, he considers his older brothers as important influence on his inclination to the world of art. His artistry is inspired by classical paintings like Rembrandt, Caravaggio and by local artists such as Ronald Ventura, Ivan Roxas, and CJ Tañedo.

Dealing with his own style, Luke loves to paint people portraits given the wondrous emotions behind every face and is focused on the realism in contemporary arts. He would usually evoke feelings of pain and wounds neutralized by positivity in the elements he employs in his subjects.

Still at a very young, Luke has already won several awards in both the local and international art scene and is now considered as one of the most looked out young artists of his generation.

Miller Laberinto

Miller Laberinto started drawing when he was in grade school and which continued until he was in his secondary education. In these early parts of his journey, his first medium of artistry was a painting on canvass and when he entered college and have been more exposed to the men of the arts from both international and locale scenes, Miller knew that painting would be his career path and has since ventured into forming his own art style.

Miller’s artistic approach is focused on realism side of the contemporary arts from which he was able to develop his own character that he dubbed as CardFace. It functions as his central subject that symbolizes taking risks in one’s everyday living and that narrates songs that he listened to as a memory of his frustration to play musical instruments. It is this incorporating Miller’s own frustration to the medium that serves as his success that gives more depth to the kind of artist he is and the kind of art pieces he has and will continue to create.

Miller Laberinto is a graduate of Fine Arts & Design major in painting at the University of Sto. Tomas where he graduated as a cum laude.

Renee Avila

It all started with her appreciation of the things that surround her. As simple as it may sound, Renee Avila’s inclination to art is founded from her intrinsic admiration to the beauty of nature, which later on became her guiding path in choosing a course in college where she majored in painting. And learning more about the intricacies of visual artistry by being acquainted with Leonardo da Vinci, Bernini, and Claudet Monet, Renee has edified her foundation and grew an inspiration to pursue his passion for the arts.

For Renee, art is more than just a creative venue. It serves as her safe space where she explores her thoughts, analyze intimacy, and deal with the states of human mind. Her works combine images of sculptures and elements from nature that serve as perfect subjects to fully express her emotions.

A graduate of Fine Arts & Design from the University of Sto. Tomas, Renee Avila is poised to have a bright future ahead of her having already won several awards from various national arts competition in the country.