5 Misconceptions about Art Investment in the Philippines

Practically speaking, is there room for art appreciation in third-world countries like the Philippines? Frankly, with the rise of art fairs, art talks, and virtual exhibitions, art appreciation became more accessible and visible to the public. On the other side of the spectrum, investing in a piece of art has always kept the average person from entering this potentially lucrative venture. (Image courtesy of Art Fair Philippines )


Artist Uzarraga Goes Green and Goes Thick

Uzarraga took pleasure in bringing the audience to a world of picturesque landscapes.


Why Marko Bello Emphasized the Importance of Rest in His Solo Show at R Gallery

In his solo show at R Gallery titled Pause for a Break, Marko Bello incorporated a fresh style using free and textured strokes to create vibrant works, centralizing on why we should need to rest.

Current Exhibition


  • June 14, 2021

  • June 26, 2021


..Through the sea on the boat which Dipsy and the little boy venture on deck during a sudden and violent storm.