Oil on Canvas
72” x 96” (182.88 x 243.84 cm)

Luke’s main piece “KULOG”, is inspired by a story of an individual coping with an environment where unexpected circumstances occur.

The piece shows how a group of people deal with the challenges in their lives that may be with the same issues but with different outlooks and perspectives.

It shows how every person has a period in their life where distress is at its best. It is when you’re in between two paths that both lead to a dead end.

This is what Luke intends to depict with the thunderstorm in the depths of the ocean, notknowing what to do or where to go.

On the right side of the painting, it symbolises positivity regardless of the situation, showing an example of how one should adapt by having a strong heart, a composed mind and a guided spirit to be able to have that sense of hope in any given place or time. Hope is what let a person see, despite being surroundef by darkness.

On the left side of the painting displays a person living in fantasy and not facing the realities of life, the desire to stop time to be able to live pass a person’s lifetime, grief being embossed to a person in order to never get over a heartache and how a person never gets enough funds to reach his contentment.

Lastly, the thunder (Kulog) is being symbolised by Luke as the voice of God. That no matter how strong the waves crash or how fierce the storm gets, God will always be there, to lift your head up above the water. And before you even know it, you have already reached the coast safe and unharmed.

Luke’s objective was to encourage everyone around him to trust what God can do. Let Him be the source of the peace, the strength and the guidance needed in a person’s daily life, starting every sunrise and ending with a sunset with gratitude.

Using each downfall to rise with a wonderful learning experience to be shared.

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