Oil on Canvas
30" x 24" (76.2 x 60.96 cm)

In this era of short-attention spans, mastering the art of patience is a substantial requisite taught by bonsai cultivation. Not a simple art. It is live art! Obviously a perfect metaphor for human growth.

Since childhood is the foundation of an individual's path into life, guiding children the best a parent can resembles that of enclosing them in a thin glass dome. This way, they are keenly observed of their strengths, weaknesses, dreams and aspirations. As they grow, they may or may not break that glass while they establish who they are and who they aspire to be. Like an adequately fertilized, watered and sunlit bonsai wannabe on a training pot, the bonsai artist may be able to manipulate it by wiring, pruning, defoliating, etc., but may not predict where it may grow its shoots and twigs as envisioned by its artist.

As a parent and a neophyte bonsai hobbyist, I document on my canvases the lessons taught by circumstances while nurturing children and growing bonsai materials. Both require painstaking care, time and effort. There is that dire need to condition our environment, control our actions that may translate into beautiful life rewards.

  • Ambit Mendoza

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