Saan Nga Ba Tayo Nagmula?

Oil on Canvas
36” x 48” (91.44 x 121.92 cm)

The works of Edmund tackle the idea of a musical and the environment; a fusion of two separate concepts under the movement of surrealism- social realism and still life. His musical style is commonly portrayed by a ribbon guitar, bending and flowing in a random manner, which was influenced from his love for music and musical composition. The environmental side was commonly portrayed by mannequin figures, a material of wood, an ephemeral object that situates the majority of the environment. His works are mostly derived from positivism and motivation.


"The depiction of the Last Supper only disregarding the negative persona of the traitor Judas that wasn’t involved in the composition. Saan nga ba tayo nagmula, showing we as living creatures looking back on how we started, where we came from, looking back on our roots and giving importance on the beginning of our own existence."

  • Edmund Andrada

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