Watercolor on Canvas
36" x 24" (91.44 x 60.96 cm)

"A happy moment in time captured by the blissful smile of a child. It captures the raw state of “Bliss” that only a child can unknowingly experience. Very pure, in the moment, playful, a ticklishly overjoyed feeling; inspiring and invigorating bursts of laughter over the simplest of things, a “bankang papel” (paper boat) fashioned into a makeshift hat.

Looking at this portrait reminds me to be more spontaneous and be in the moment and do more of what makes me happy, and, maybe unknowingly, I could be in that state of bliss that most of us adults so long for and seek.

I must say I fell in love with the Watercolor medium. I have organically developed my skills and style of painting around this medium. And I hope to continue to evolve and master each brush stroke, color stain and the free play of color fluidity and showcase the whimsy of colors created in this medium.

I dedicate this work of art to my most memorable professor from University of Sto. Tomas, Mr. Noel Escultura. He has greatly influenced me in my work process and for this reason also I have developed my love for the intricate art of portraiture. May you rest in peace Sir. I am forever grateful and your memory will always remain in my heart."

  • Tanya Jimenez

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