Tea Party

Oil on Canvas
24" x 24" (60.96 x 60.96 cm)

"he adventures in Wonderland, the tragic and inevitable, loss of childhood’s innocent growing up.

Nearly every object in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland functions as a symbol but nothing clearly represents one particular thing. The two symbolic meanings work together to underscore Alice's desire to hold onto her feelings of childlike innocence that she must relinquish as she matures.

It’s the unprejudiced and innocent way young children approach the world- the door mouse, white rabbit, the mock turtle bayard the blood hound, mad Hatter, Chesser cat m, and caterpillar. They are the main characters I chose in my painting to represent things in the real life.

White rabbit (anders doctor Dr. Alcand who was regius professor of medicine but also was queen Victoria's doctor.

Cheshire cat means to smile and teachs Alice rules of Wonderland.

Hatter's number 10/6 means ten shillings and six pense L 4.8s.

Caterpillar - he was an opium eater, mock turtle who describes himself as the thing mock turtle soup is made."

  • Randolf Karl Novis

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