The Boss

Oil on Canvas
24" x 18" (60.96 x 45.72 cm)

"I make art to spread love and make people see that there is beauty in everything. As an artist, I want to take a different route and be someone who creates only positivity and love. I aim to make my artworks both beautiful and well thought of and not only for the sake of having a work. I also incorporate fashion-forward ideas to my artworks which is very uncommon today.

My current works focus on how love, pain, and pleasure intermingle. Each piece symbolizes finding beauty in every situation in life, and at the same time morphing old and new fashion trends. It’s also a homage to my mother who is a seamstress. My artworks speak not only for myself but also to all the people who struggle every day, reminding us not to forget how beautiful and stunning our lives are."

  • Gino Nagret

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