Testing the Flight

Oil on Canvas
48”x 42” (121.92 x 106.68 cm)

"Seek lessons from success but remember that failure is the master class. Failure will sharpen your vision as you forge your life’s work with the bluest of your inner fires. But always take time to thank the waiting, cooking, cleaning, farming and repairing souls. Without them the collective human tapestry could not be unfolded. - Excerpt from Considerata by Maria Isabel Garcia

In our daily lives there is always a struggle. We are burdened with so much pressure and difficulties to keep us sane and afloat. My painting Testing flight is all about believing in yourself that you can soar high. The eagles represent the chase. The women is neither evading them or letting the birds of prey join her. Naturalism and surrealism were applied so much in this work that the water flow, the mists and the windy sky are interconnected as continuous elements pieced together. In short, we blend yet we stand out at the same time."

  • Abe Orobia

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