Tatlong Himig (Three Melodies)

Found Object, Collage, Metal, Wood Sculpture
14" x 10" x 10" (35.56 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm)

"How does a sculpture become a "work of art" when placed on a pedestal in an Art Gallery? When another sculpture is merely a "tourist trinket" when hawked on the street?

When does an artist truly become an artist? Is it when he decides to sacrifice everything for his art or when he has already received public recognition and artistic distinction?

These are the questions i posed to myself when I made this sculpture. The main material I used were discarded tourist "souvenirs" that I transformed and used to tell a narrative of a young musician and his family.

The sculpture is divided into 3 parts (the Father, the Mother and the Dreamer).

The FATHER (representing the song of Regret) is a failed musician who turned his back on his art for the sake of working menial jobs for his family. That is why he is presented as a giant head because he is a mere "figure head," no longer in control on his destiny but is only there to provide for his family.

The MOTHER (representing the song of foreshadow) is presented as the true ruler of the home. Seeing the failure of the father, she warns the dreamer of the futility of his ambition. As she closes her eyes in fear, her feet is facing the opposite direction. Reminiscing a time when the dreamer was still in her belly, her feet restrained as if we can never go back in time.

The DREAMER (representing the song of Hope) in his mind he dreams of being on stage and performing his music amidst an adoring crowd - represented by a wooden peg in the middle of black screws. He sheds two tears, a tear for the sorrow imposed on his family and another tear for joy, to a future still unwritten and only divine providence as his companion."

  • Janos Delacruz

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